Office Relocation – Choosing the Right Office

Office Relocation – Choosing the Right Office

If your team is growing, or your office is simply getting past its sell-by-date, you might be considering relocating. However before you start boxing up your files, you need to carefully consider the suitability of the new property or you could risk losing time and money, or even upsetting your staff and clients. Have a look at our tips for finding the right office space for you.

Size and Shape

If you’re taking your old furniture with you, you have to consider the dimensions of the new office to make sure everything will fit - don’t be afraid to pull out a tape measure when you’re looking round! If you’re planning on refitting the whole space then make sure you can feasibly fit in the number of workspaces you’ll need.

On the other hand, if your office is too big, then you’ll have to consider the cost implications. An empty office with few people in will cost more to heat in winter, as well as you wasting extra money on renting out the unused space when a smaller one would do.


You risk displeasing, or even losing, your workforce if your prospective new office is far away from their homes, or from any reasonable transport links. If the inconvenience is unavoidable, then you could consider encouraging or organising car shares or, if possible, providing parking spaces.

If you often deal with your clients or business partners face-to-face, then moving completely out of their way could be disastrous for your professional relationships. You’ll have to consider how easy it is for your customers to reach you, and whether there are parking spaces or train stations nearby.

Hidden Costs

Be sure to check every detail of your new contract and compare it to your old one in case you will get hit with unexpected costs – for example, if you didn’t previously pay for electricity but will have to in your new office, then an attractive decrease in rent will quickly be swallowed up by bills.

How Convenient Will the Move Be?

During an office removal, you expect to lose a small amount of productive business time. However, if there is awkward parking, no lifts, or doors and corridors that are smaller than average, the whole moving process could be drawn out and complicated more than is necessary. Wasting time on unexpected moving problems will drive up the overall cost of the move. If getting those 6ft desks up a spiral staircase isn’t going to be an easy task, then the office might not be right for you.

On the other hand, if the location, travel links and size are perfect for you, then you could always simplify the removal process by hiring an expert.  If you need the services of a trustworthy Chippenham removals company for your office relocation, get in touch with Intransit on 01225 759 200.