How to Ensure a Smooth Move for your Retail Space

How to Ensure a Smooth Move for your Retail Space

There are many reasons to relocate a shop, but whether your business is expanding, downsizing or simply moving to a better pitch, making sure that the move happens smoothly is vital for your weekly turnover, your reputation and your sanity. Here are our top tips for making your move as easy as possible on you and your business.

Manage your stock

When moving, it makes sense to minimise what you actually have to take with you, which is why most shops hold sales when they are moving to get rid of old stock. This is a good idea, but it’s important to brand it as a “sale due to relocation” or similar, rather than a “closing down sale” which could give the impression that you are going out of business.

This is a good time to do a thorough review of your stock and see which lines are selling well and which are not performing as well. Make sure you get rid of all the poor sellers as if you do end up with any stock left to move, it’s not worth spending the time and effort on stuff you struggle to sell anyway. It’s also really important to make sure you have a good amount of stock to sell at your new shop, so make sure you put in a good order of all your top selling lines to be delivered to your new address shortly after the move.

Leave enough time

One of the worst things you can do for your business’s reputation is to promise a grand opening at your new location, only to miss the date because you’re still frantically trying to get the new premises ready or else end up panicking and opening with the shop only half kitted out. Be realistic, give yourself plenty of time to do the job properly and you won’t end up damaging your brand and or working through the night to get things ready.

It’s also a good idea to have as many staff on hand as possible to help pack up the old shop and get the new one into shape. Realistically you will probably need to get at least some of your staff to work outside of their normal hours to minimise the disruption to your trade. One way to encourage staff to volunteer for this and to show that you value their contribution is to buy them dinner, which can be as cheap and simple as ordering in some pizzas.  

Pick your date

Like most businesses, you probably have certain days or the week and times of the year when you are busier than others. Obviously it is to your advantage if you can plan your move away from these peak periods and get the transition out of the way on quieter days when business is slower. This will minimise your loss of revenue and hopefully your relocation to new premises should drive extra business through your doors as customers come to take a look at your new place.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that it is often cheaper to move during the week as most removals companies are busier at the weekends. If your business is quieter during the week, this is too your advantage, but if weekdays are your top earners you will have to balance your likely loss in revenue against the increased cost of moving at the weekend.

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