Moving from House to Flat – What your Removals Company Needs to Know

Moving from House to Flat – What your Removals Company Needs to Know

The transition from a house to a flat can be incredibly enjoyable, so long as you organise yourself and your family properly. Although we can’t tell you what stuff you’ll need to get rid of or send into storage, we can tell you what we’ll need to know so that our removals team can help organise a smooth move.

How many storeys does the property have and what floor are you moving to?

Moving to the top floor of a 6 storey building or relocating to a ground floor flat makes a big difference to your moving day. Telling us which floor your new home is on will help us plan your move better. Letting us know how many storeys the building has will give us a good idea of the type of building you’re moving into, which is incredibly useful information.

Is there a Lift?

Our removals team can move your goods up flights of stairs, but will find it handy if there is access to a lift on your premises. We’ll need to know in advance so that we can accurately provide a quote for the move and give a more accurate estimate of the time the move will take.

Is there a Car Park or Parking Facilities?

Telling us about the parking arrangements at your new home will make the moving process much easier. A car park or on-street parking space will mean that we can easily park our removals vans and unload your belongings. If you don’t have an allocated on-street parking space or car park, not to worry! Our team can always find safe temporary parking so that your belongings get delivered to you.

Will you Need Use of Our Storage Facilities?

Those choosing to move with Intransit and in need of a storage unit to store their excess possessions will be happy to know that they don’t need to look elsewhere for that service. We have a state of the art facility that will keep your belongings safe and dry. We can arrange to bring one of our containers to your door so that you can load it up with your extras. This is then closed and transported to our facility, where it is stored.

If you’re currently looking for a removals company to help you move home, why not give Intransit a call. We’re an experienced removal company operating in Bath, Wiltshire, and surrounding areas. Get in touch by calling 01225 759200 for a free, no obligation quote for your move.