Do I Need a Visa For My International Move?

Do I Need a Visa For My International Move?

Moving internationally can be stressful. But one thing you certainly don’t want to forget about is your Visa. Visas vary between countries, meaning you need to research, plan and organise your Visa well in advance of your move date. Plus, you need to consider the type of Visa you need. Here’s a brief Visa overrun to give you an idea of what is required for the most popular migration destinations.


UK citizens, with a valid passport, do not need a Visa to move to a country that is part of the EU (European Union). But when you arrive at your new European home, you should register with the authorities to gain a registration certificate. This can vary from country to country but it typically involves checking that you are working or have sufficient resources for you and your family.

After five years of uninterrupted living in an EU country, you have the right of permanent residence. The EU Law website details all your rights to move within Europe so it’s worth browsing.


There are 22 different types of Visa for travelling to America ranging from business reasons to tourism. If you are planning on moving permanently to the USA, then you’ll need an Immigrant Visa. This Visa requires you to be sponsored by either a US relative, US permanent resident or employer.

The process begins with a petition. You fill in the application forms for all family members planning to move. The application gets processed by the American Embassy in London and once this has been approved, you need to arrange a medical examination to confirm your health status. Using a ‘Notification of Applicant Readiness’ online form allows you to then book an interview which you need to attend in person at the embassy.

After the interview, it takes about 10-15 working days for the Visa to be completely processed. Subject to approval, you should receive your Visa documents in a large envelope which must not be opened. Opening the envelope cancels the Visa, as it must only be opened by U.S immigration or a Public Health Service officer.

When you finally make the move, your passport will be stamped on entry to prove you are allowed to enter and you will receive a Permanent Resident Card, or ‘Green Card’ as you may have heard it, sent to your American address at a later date.


For a permanent residential Australian Visa, you also need a sponsor. Similar to America, an employer, or an Australian relative or Australian citizen is required. In some cases, New Zealand citizens may also be eligible if they are over 18 years old and have lived in Australia for at least two years.

Registered Migration Agents such as MARA (Officer of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) can help with applying Visas and can deal with the immigration departments on your behalf. You can apply for a Visa on your own, though an agent may be helpful with preparing the right documentation.

If you are currently looking for an employer in Australia, there is an online service called SkillSelect which is a skilled migration programme whereby you can showcase your skills. Australian employers browse the online service and find the skill set that they require in employees which can vastly speed up the Visa application process.

Embassy websites provide all the details you need when applying for Visas, including more detailed process run-downs and the different types of Visas so please research. If you are planning an international move and would like one less thing to worry about, then Intransit can help. We are a Bath removal company that can make your transition much smoother.

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