How to Make Your House Move Quick and Efficient

How to Make Your House Move Quick and Efficient

Moving home can be very stressful and time-consuming, so the faster and more efficient you can make your move, the happier your life will be. Making your move as easy as possible on yourself is all about having the right preparation and there are several keys steps you need to take.

Start early

The sooner you start packing, the more you can spread the task out. As well as helping to manage your stress levels, this also gives you more room to think and plan. The more intelligently you can approach your move, the less time and effort you will waste.

Be ruthless

One of the most important ways to simplify and speed up your move is to get rid of as much stuff as you possibly can. Most of us are guilty of hoarding things we rarely, if ever, use, so the more ruthless you can be now, the less you will have to pack and move later. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used something for over a year you almost certainly don’t need it.

Pick your packaging

Having enough of the right kinds of packaging will make moving your belongings much easier. Using lots of decent-sized, robust boxes will mean you can reduce the number of trips needed to get all of your stuff into the removals van and out again at the other end. It will also allow things to be stacked up efficiently, reducing the number of trips needed to transport everything.

Get help

The more people you can enlist to help pack and unpack, the less you will have to do yourself and the quicker everything will get done. The key here is to make sure everything is well labelled, have a plan for how each room needs to be set up and then make sure everyone knows the plan!

The real key to making any move as quick and efficient as possible is to choose a reliable, professional firm of moves to help you. Intransit has been helping people move throughout the South West and beyond for over 18 years, so if you need a removals company you can rely on, please get in touch.

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