Moving Abroad with Pets

Moving Abroad with Pets

Whether you are moving abroad on a short term basis or permanently, leaving your pets behind is a decision you probably won’t want to take. Fortunately the days of having to leave your pets in quarantine for months either side of moving abroad are mostly behind us. Many countries now have much more progressive policies allowing your pet to travel with you relatively freely, especially if the country is included in the Pet Travel Scheme.

Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme allows dogs, cats and ferrets to enter any country included in the scheme (such as the UK) without undergoing quarantine in most circumstances. The UK government website contains a list of all the countries included in the scheme here. There are still conditions your pets will have to meet in order to avoid quarantine. These conditions can vary from country to country, but the basic requirements are the same for all countries covered by the scheme.

Entry requirements

For countries in the Pet Travel Scheme, your animal will need a microchip, rabies vaccination (which must have been carried out 21 days or more before travel) and a pet passport or official veterinary certificate. Dog will also need to have undergone a tapeworm treatment.

For countries outside of the Pet Travel Scheme, there are tougher requirements as you will also need to have your pet tested for rabies at least 30 days after their vaccination has taken place. You will need a copy of the results of this blood test, showing that the vaccination was successful, and you will have to wait a further three months from the date of the blood test before you can bring your pet back into the UK.

For this reason it is advisable to have your pet vaccinated, tested and given a pet passport in an EU country before travelling to a country outside of the Pet Travel Scheme. This will allow you to avoid waiting when you want to return.

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