How to carry out a Successful Inventory Check

How to carry out a Successful Inventory Check

When moving into a new rental property, an inventory check can be the last thing on your mind. But these are really important to get right or you could face a dispute when you decide to leave.

Typically, you’ll have either your landlord, estate agent or independent inventory clerk accompany you around the property. Sometimes, a pre-prepared checklist has already been created, other times not but either way, the house still needs to be looked over thoroughly. 

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom contain a lot of expensive and extensively used appliances that can be a massive hindrance if not properly working. For the kitchen, the oven is most important, so do check for cleanliness and shelves. If your property comes with white goods, check these too. 

Cupboards and shelves should be empty of all previous tenant’s belongings. If not, ask if you can chuck them out (just in case they belong to the landlord!)

You need to check that all bathroom goods work properly so don’t be afraid to test the flush, taps or shower in your inventory. Bathrooms are often susceptible to mould so this needs to be recorded if mould is already present. 


All decoration, fixtures and fittings should be checked for their condition -even the small aspects such as nails in the wall, or loose carpet. The more detailed and accurate the inventory is, the less discrepancy there will be should you decide to end the tenancy, and the safer your deposit. For furnished properties, you should check if furniture is in a usable state and whether you are allowed to remove any unwanted items. Meter readings for gas, electric and water (if you have a water meter) should be taken too, so you can set up your bills correctly straight away.

After the inventory

At the time of the check, other things can be on your mind. To give yourself peace of mind, you should ask for seven days to mull the inventory over and see if there are any missed items you didn’t notice at the time. Make sure you get contact details should you want to change anything and a finalised copy sent to you. Take photos with a date stamp if you feel evidenced items will help at the end of your tenancy.

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