How to pack away the kitchen

How to pack away the kitchen

Packing away your kitchen items requires careful planning, as they can easily get damaged during moving day. Follow our packing guidelines for a safe kitchen removal.

Glass and china

All your plates, glasses and crockery need to be carefully wrapped. These items are particularly fragile so make sure you label the box clearly and warn any removal men that it contains your kitchen belongings. To keep them safe, wrap them in bubble wrap, newspaper or even your dish towels to make sure your items are protected. If you run out, you could try using packing peanuts although this won’t be as effective. 

Instead of regular cardboard boxes, buy sturdy plastic ones that you know won’t buckle under the weight of all your crockery. And be careful not to over pack the boxes as they can get extremely heavy – better to spread the weight out between a few boxes and then fill them up with lighter items.


Moving house is a good opportunity to throw away all your unused food items. And it’s a good idea to try and use up all your food as much as possible before the move. If you still have items left however, use some bags for life to pack them away. Make sure everything is sealed properly, and wrap in cling film if there’s a risk of spillage.

White goods

If you have white goods to move, you need to advise your removal men as they might require a larger van and more planning. Remember to completely empty your fridge and defrost your freezer beforehand.

Moving house can be stressful, but not if you plan your move with the right removal company. Intransit have 17 years of experience as one of Bath’s house removal companies and we are happy to assist with your house move every step of the way. 

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