Moving house in a hurry

Moving house in a hurry

When you don’t have long to pack up all your belongings and move, there are certain things to remember and prioritise. Following our moving tips will ensure you get everything completed within your timescale. 

Prioritise packing

With a tight deadline to stick to, you need to pack cleverly. Think about the items you won’t be using before moving day and get them all packed first, such as books and DVDs. Keep your important items to one side so you can pack an ‘Essentials’ box. This should contain all the things you know you’ll need before moving and when you’re settled into your new home.

Eat your food

With packing up your kitchen, you need to start finding meals to use up all your food. Make a meal planner to use up as much of your fridge and freezer food as possible as these might go bad during the move. Cupboard goods can be packed away to move with but are quite heavy so it’s a good idea to eat what you can. On your last night, get a takeaway or something quick to eat so you don’t use up much of your crockery or have to unpack any food goods.

Enlist the help of friends and family

While you’re packing, get your friends and family to help with the other arrangements. These tasks include informing your bill providers of your new address, looking after the children while you’re organising moving as well as buying boxes and bubble wrap to make packing your house away easier.

Professional packing services

If you still feel rushed off your feet, hire someone to pack for you. Intransit offer a full packing service so you can focus on the other things you need to get done before the move. We provide all the materials, and we make sure everything is ready for when our truck arrives.

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