Who needs to know you’re moving house?

Who needs to know you’re moving house?

Once you’ve decided you’re going to move house, it’s time to start planning. Moving house can be stressful and a difficult process but if you allow yourself time to get everything done, it can be made a lot simpler. One thing you need to do, is inform everyone that you’re vacating the property and moving to a new address. Follow our list and you can get all the relevant people notified in no time.

1.    Friends and family: Firstly, you need to tell your friends and relatives your new address. This is easiest done by email or text to all your relevant contacts or for the less tech-savvy, you could send a letter or phone them up.

2.    Service providers: Write down a list of everyone you pay your bills too, for water, gas, electricity and council tax. Phoning these larger companies can leave you kept on hold for a long time, so it’s much quicker to let them know online or via email.

3.    Internet provider: Your telephone and email provider will need to know your new address and whether you’re going to take your internet box with you.

4.    Employer: Update your employment records with your HR department.

5.    Bank: Banks may need proof of your new address such as a bill, housing contract or updated driving licence so do take this along with you when you go to update your address details.

6.    HMRC: Remember to let HM Revenue and Customs know your change of address as correspondence from them is usually quite important regarding your tax details.

7.    Doctor: If you’re moving out of your doctor’s catchment area, you may need to change doctors entirely. It’s best to let them know your new address and they can assign you to a new doctor's surgery if need be.

8.    TV Licensing: TV Licenses can be moved with you so keep them informed of your change of address and you won’t have to pay for a new one.

9.    Loyalty card systems: Supermarkets or department stores with a points system often send vouchers to your house, so don’t forget them.

10.    Computer, laptop or tablet: The internet browser on your PC, laptop or tablet will usually use an ‘auto-fill’ option for your address. It can save you lots of time, if you change these auto-fill browser settings to your new address.

Once you’ve informed everyone, you should be one step closer to getting organised for moving day. If you’re still yet to book a local Chippenham removal company, Intransit can help. We have over 17 years’ experience in the business and can make your day as simple as possible. For more information on our removal service, you can call us on 01225 759200 or you can request a quote online.