Downsizing Your Home?

Downsizing Your Home

If you are moving to a smaller house, you are probably wondering what to do with all the furniture you no longer need. You may have already offered things out to friends and family and find they haven’t got any space either, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the clutter from under your feet and give you a bit of space to breath again!

Sell Online

There are a few online platforms that you can use. Ebay is an obvious choice, but with so much already on the website it can be hard to get your things noticed, so you may find you have more success with one of the other alternatives. Preloved is a great website specialising in second hand wares and can be searched geographically much like Ebay, but does not operate an online bidding system. You can either give a set price or nearest offer, ask for open offers or even give it away!

Alternatively Gumtree is a popular and expanding listings website which is frequently used for finding and selling furniture. Also there is no harm in using a number of different sites as long as you specify on the ad that it is advertised elsewhere and as it is a unique item a bid/email does guarantee a purchase.

Donate to charity

There are many charities that accept second hand furniture and it is normally dictated by the size of your local store. Look out for your local Oxfam and Red Cross shops and enquire if they accept furniture. Or get in contact with the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN), an organisation that aims to alleviate poverty and reduce the effects of climate change by re-using old furniture and appliances. They support over 300 re-use charities so you can be sure to find one of them near to you. Take a look at the FRN website to find your nearest organisation.

Keep in Storage

With all the will in the world, there are going to be some items that you just can’t part with, or you at least need to store them until further arrangements can be made. We offer furniture storage in Wiltshire with price plans available for short and long term arrangements. Your items will be stored in wooden containers, which we bring and collect from your home before taking them on to our highly secure warehouse. The building is fully alarmed, vermin controlled and under CCTV surveillance, so you can be confident your items are safe from intruders. The building is also double skinned, which along with the wooden container makes your belongings triple insulated to ensure they stay as pristine as the day they arrived. For a free storage quote simply give us a call on 01225 759200.