How to Wrap Breakable Items

How to Wrap Breakable Items

This is definitely the most time consuming area of packing, but if you cut corners in the packing you might arrive at your new house with a few corners missing form your breakable items too! So here are a few tips to avoid any tears on the other side when you realise your inherited kitchenware is no more.


The most important thing to get sorted is obviously your boxes. The sturdier boxes are better for breakables, but if you are using thinner boxes make sure you add extra wrapping inside and don’t pack them so full. We sell packing boxes and also second hand boxes which we’ve used a couple times, but they’re still fit for purpose if you are on a budget. Then make sure you buy a wide packing tape, do not be tempted by masking tape, it isn’t sticky or strong enough. Finally you’ll need bubble wrap for very fragile items and packing paper. You can use newspaper instead of packing paper, but you will need to wash everything the other side due to the ink on the page.

Getting started

Securely tape the bottom of the box a few times, taking the tape underneath and at least a third of the way up the sides of the box. Then scrunch up your wrapping paper to create a base layer, which needs to be quite thick, around six inches is good. Then organise your items by weight and strength as you’ll want to put the more sturdy items at the bottom and more fragile things at the top.

Plates and Dishes

Put the plate in the centre of the paper with the base down and take the corner closest to you and fold onto the top, then work your way around. If the plate is very large flip it over and complete the first stage again. If it is small you can just use the overlap to wrap back underneath. Then place the plate in the box on its side, not flat down and stack together with other plates.

Glasses and Mugs

Start with the mug or cup in the corner of the paper and roll diagonally, tucking the paper into the cup and sweeping it across the base as you role, tucking in the excess along the sides of the glass. Continue until the sheet is finished and don’t try to be tidy, the more crumpled it is, the more protection you get. With champagne glasses, don’t tuck the paper into the hole just wrap it over the top and tuck in under the side as you roll. For very fragile glasses, double wrap.


Use the same technique as with the glasses, but use bubble wrap instead of paper for extra protection. Make sure all delicate items are at the top of the box.


Arrange the items in layers, putting a layer of crumpled paper in between each layer. Also make sure to fill in any gaps with more crumpled paper to prevent movement. If you have any children to keep entertained whilst packing, a great job to keep them occupied is crumpling up paper for base layers, in between layers and gaps.

Nearly done!

Now tape up the box and very importantly…label the box FRAGILE! Don’t fall at this final hurdle. Even though everything is packed well, it still pays to handle with care.

One way to know for sure that your boxes are being handled carefully, is to use a trusted removal company. If you’re looking for a removal company in Bath, Chippenham or a whole host of towns in the South West, Intransit offers a very reliable and experienced service to help you out. You can also take advantage of our full packing service if you feel a bit daunted by the prospect. Then it’s one less thing to worry about! Contact us for a quote or give us a call on 01225 759200.