How to Lose Fewer Hours during Office Removals

How to Lose Fewer Hours during Office Removals

Moving office can be time-consuming and undesirable, but if you really have to do it then you’ll want to make sure you lose the least business hours possible. With the forward vision to invest a little time early on to save lots of time later, you can ensure a smooth transition. Read on for some ideas you’ll want to take into consideration well in advance of moving day.

Have You Chosen the Right Office?

Before you do anything - think space, think rent, and think long-term. If you’re going to be elbow-to-elbow at smaller desks, or lose valuable skilled employees because the location is inconvenient, it may not be worth the move at all and actually take up more of your time and money in the long-run. Inspect it thoroughly to avoid any surprises that will make you regret surrendering your old office space.

Employee Input

You’ll want your business to be on schedule, or ideally even ahead, so that the move won’t disrupt you too badly. Let your staff know well in advance so that they can organise themselves, and to avoid upset over not getting holidays in the run up to the move. Communicating this in an honest manner is important to avoid stress and resentment.

Always Hire a Pro

There are limits to what tasks you can safely expect your employees to carry out during the move. Boxing up their own desk items isn’t unreasonable, but you can’t expect them to move heavy furniture. Using staff who aren’t fully and safely trained could risk injury or damage to property. The safer and smarter way to move offices is to use a company that has experience in office removals.

Lose any Junk

If you don’t need it, don’t take it with you. It will take time to pack and unpack, and take up valuable space in transit. Having an ‘office clean-up day’ where most people in your office leave their usual duties in favour of clearing up is one way to reduce the unnecessary items you take with you, as well as making a good start on the moving process.


It’s very important to liaise with your IT provider well in advance to get their advice and support. Move your computer and phone systems in separate phases if possible so you will always have at least one of these set up at any time. Also, ensure that your new office will be ready in terms of internet and phone connections.

Communication with Clients

Simple steps can be taken to ensure that despite the disruption your office still appears professional and approachable:

  • Ensure ‘Out of Office’ messages are in place on email and telephone to inform clients of the reason for any lack of communication from your office, or –
  • Forward calls to a business mobile while the lines are down
  • Send out a notification of a change of address. Perhaps add a small notification to all business email signatures for a month or so to ensure everyone gets the message. Consider adding a statement or banner to your website
  • Make sure you set up a forwarding system with the Post Office

Project Plan

The above considerations all prove why you really need a detailed project plan that fully takes into consideration the unique qualities of your office, as no blanket plan will work for every single business. Depending on the size of your office you may also want to appoint a project manager who has an organised style of working to ensure that everything is taken care of.

Helping You Move

Including a removal company like Intransit early in your planning stages can be really useful, as we’ve done this lots of times before and know exactly what’s required. We visit most sites before the move to compile a comprehensive itinerary and ensure nothing is overlooked on the day. If you’re looking for a removal company in Trowbridge or the surrounding areas, call us on 01225 759200 or contact us now online.