Moving House without Wrecking the Environment

Moving House without Wrecking the Environment

Moving house can be a major headache, but it can also be a mini disaster for the environment. There’s all that packaging for one, then there’s the CO2 from the removal van and, of course, all that stuff you no longer want that often just ends up in the bin. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you follow these simple suggestions you can have a lean, green move without adding to your stress.

Minimize what you move

Pretty much everyone has things in their house they no longer use. Whether it’s that kitchen gadget hidden at the back of a cupboard, or that dress you haven’t worn in years, it’s all stuff you’ll have to pack and move if you don’t let go now. Don’t waste packing materials and petrol hauling unwanted stuff. If you haven’t used something in more than a year, ask yourself, do I really still want this?

Don’t throw stuff away

For anything you do ditch, the bin should be the last resort. eBay, freecycling groups, your local recycling centre and charities can all be great places to get rid of unwanted items. You might be surprised what people will take, so don’t assume just because it’s junk to you someone else won’t snap it up. And every old thing of yours that doesn’t go to landfill is a victory for the environment.

Dump responsibly

For those things you simply can’t avoid throwing away, make sure you do it the right way. Broken electricals, spent batteries and old chemicals all need to be disposed of with care as they can contain chemicals which may contaminate the environment. Ask at your local recycling centre or check the government’s Waste Disposal Service index to see if your local council can help you get rid of potentially hazardous waste.

Recycle/upcycle packaging

Packaging materials are an often over-looked eco-nightmare, especially when moving home. However, there are ways to reduce your packaging’s negative impact. Choosing second-hand boxes not only helps the environment, it’s also likely to be significantly cheaper. Also think about using old newspapers, magazines and even clothes to packs things securely, then recycle them after you move.

The journey

One unavoidable part of moving is the move itself. Although hiring a small van, or using your own car might be cheaper, if you end up having to make multiple trips that’s a lot of extra CO2 you’re pumping out. Hiring a larger van that can move everything in one or two trips will use less fuel and save you time and hassle. Even house-sharers moving to different places may still be able to share a van and do the whole thing in one trip.

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