3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Move Your Own Furniture

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To move Your Own Furniture

Taking the decision to carry out your own home removal may seem like a cost-effective idea. However if you consider all the negatives, hiring a removals company to take all the strain out of your move is the smarter option, and will avoid you racking up extra, unexpected costs.

1 - Injury Risk

The most obvious reason to avoid moving your own furniture is that you could injure yourself during the process. Back or hand/wrist injuries are common consequences of trying to lift a load that is too heavy. Dropping a load on your foot could also lead to a serious injury.

The best option to avoid this happening is to hire in professionals from a removal company. They’ve had experience and training in handling heavy loads, and will know their limits when it comes to lifting and carrying bulky furniture.

2 - Unsuitable Hire Vans

It’s surprisingly easy to incorrectly estimate how much room in a van your possessions will take up. If you overestimate, you’ll end up paying for a van that is too large for your needs. You’ll have wasted money on the van hire, and on the extra petrol from driving a heavier vehicle. On the other end of the scale you may have to make extra, unwanted trips if your van is too small. This will drive up the cost of petrol, as well as the time your move will take. This can be especially problematic if you’re moving over a large distance.

Hiring a company like Intransit to assist in your home removal comes with the benefit of a free visit from a surveyor. They will make an assessment of your home’s contents to give you a straightforward price estimate, as well as using their experience to assess the size of vehicle you’re going to need.

3 - Damage To Furniture 

Damage to furniture can happen in any number of ways during the removal process. Dropping can damage the furniture as well as yourself, but damage can also occur in-transit if your possessions are incorrectly or insecurely packed. Replacement or repair costs could run high, but older or valuable furniture could be irreplaceable. The experience of a removals professional will greatly reduce the risk of damage happening by using the correct handling procedure, as well as ensuring that furniture is correctly stored in the removal vehicles to reduce the risk of knocks and scratches.

If you’re moving house and are looking for removals company near Bath to take some of the stress out of your move, then call Intransit on 01225 759200 and ask for a quote.