Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips

Moving in winter can be trickier than moving during the spring or summer months. Being organised and prepared for the colder weather and darker evenings will help you avoid common winter moving woes and make settling in to your cosy new home much easier.

So that you have a less complicated and more comfortable move, we’ve come up with some advice for those organising a successful winter house move.

Grab some tarpaulin

British winters often see plenty of rain, which can be a nightmare when moving house. Those moving using cardboard boxes should be careful to avoid them being exposed to the rain as they can quickly start to disintegrate and break. If your moving boxes must be kept outside, even for a very short period of time, consider using tarpaulin or plastic sheets to protect them from the rain. Lay one sheet on the ground for the boxes to stand on, and place one sheet over the top of the boxes.

Check the heating works

You want your first night in your new home to be a comfortable one, regardless of how many unpacked boxes you have surrounding you. Make sure that you and your family are nice and snug by checking the heating works in advance. If it is a particularly cold day, and the house has been unoccupied for some time, consider turning it on as soon as you arrive.

Stay Organised

Throughout the year, it is an excellent idea to be as organised as possible during the moving process. Plan your move carefully by creating lists of items that need to be packed and tasks that need to be completed so that nothing is forgotten.

Make sure you definitely have your new house keys

Avoid being locked out in the cold by making sure that you definitely have your keys on your person. Having you open up every single box in search of your new house keys isn’t particularly great during the summer, but in the chillier winter months, can feel like a disaster!

Check the Weather

Be sure to check the weather regularly in the lead up to your move. Adverse weather could mean that your plans get delayed and that you have to postpone your move, or change your moving route.

Drive Safely

Our removal van drivers are always safe when driving on the roads, and we’d advise that you are too. You may be eager to get to your new destination, but remember to be cautious. Ice, snow or heavy rain can make even the safest of roads hazardous. Drive safely and remember to take regular breaks.

Bear in mind that if you’ve filled one of our removal vans and decided to pop the last couple of boxes into your car that you rear view may be blocked.

Put the Kettle On

Be sure to stay warm during the move by having plenty of hot drinks. It is a good idea to pack the kettle separately so that you can quickly pop the kettle on as soon as you arrive at your new home. Remember to stay warm in other ways too. Wear a waterproof coat, gloves, and a hat whilst moving items outside.

Get Help

With the potential for very bad weather, it is best to get help with your move. Our removals company is experienced in helping people move house throughout the year, so knows exactly what to expect with a winter move. Using our services will make your move quicker and easier, lowering the risk of your belongings being damaged by the winter weather.

If you’re after a Bath removals company to help you move this winter, then why not get in touch to receive a free, no obligation quote. Call us on 01225 759200.