Does Vacuum Packing Work?

Does Vacuum Packing Work

You’d probably be pretty annoyed if we charged you to move air, but for household items such as clothes, duvets and pillows a large part of their volume is just that – air! The idea behind vacuum packing is to remove most of that air before you start boxing everything up, allowing you to fit the same things into a much smaller space. But does it really work?   

How vacuum packing works

Fortunately you don’t need much in the way of specialist equipment to vacuum pack your possessions. All you require is some vacuum packing bags (which you can buy from Amazon, Argos or a number of other retailers) and an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner. The bags usually have some kind of fastening along one edge that can be opened, allowing you to place your items inside, then closed to create an airtight seal. You can then use a one-way air valve on the bag that fits inside the nozzle of a normal vacuum cleaner to suck out most of the air inside the bag.

Common mistakes to avoid

Vacuum packing is usually effective and efficient, just as long as you don’t try to cut corners. The most common mistake people make is buying cheap vacuum bags which tend to split easily, or else the resealable openings or valves leak, allowing air to creep back in and re-inflate the contents. The other mistake people often make is trying to cram too much stuff into the bags, causing them to split or making it impossible to get a tight seal. This also allows air to leak back in, defeating the whole purpose of the bags.

What not to vacuum pack

The vacuum packing process is relatively safe, but does squeeze the items being packed together quite tightly. The most common things people vacuum pack are clothes, duvets and pillows as these all tend to be full of excess air and won’t generally be damaged from being tightly squashed together. However, easily creased and expensive items are not ideal for vacuum packing as these may require gentler handling.

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